New possibilities due to eSports and Fantasy sports

New possibilities due to eSports and Fantasy sports

There has been a huge rise in fantasy sport all across the world. Gavin Teo who is a principal at Comcast Ventures said that there is a very unique opportunity right now for companies to offer new customer experiences to their users.

“I think that the innovation here is going to come and take form in shape of new, vertical leagues that are then attached to new rosters so we can draw, you can deliver fantasy again.” Teo had to say.

A good example of what Teo is saying is the convergence of eSports and Fantasy sports.

“Unlike in the traditional sports world, other than the League of Legends Championship Series, other large titles don’t yet have sort of analogous opportunities and schedules for people to kind of tune in, watch and then take positions on and have their favorite players, so as that expands, I think you’ll start to see innovation in that corner of daily fantasy. It’s still very early overall in saying, you know, that this is a fully penetrated market in the consumer standpoint. There’s 40 million sports fans that play fantasy in the US and a very small fraction of that – 1 million or so – are currently avid daily fantasy users, so I think that the market is going to expand very soon.” Teo added.


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