New Casino proposal outside New York

New Casino proposal outside New York

Atlantic City always had an issue with new casinos opening their doors in the state. This year, Meadowlands proposed the construction of a New Jersey casino that could be located outside Atlantic City.

This summer, state lawmakers need to approve a measure through which a November referendum can be sanctioned by. This is seen as a tough process but one that will surely produce clear results

With the purpose of setting up a statewide referendum in November and to encourage a positive feedback from lawmakers, a conference, that will present video simulations of the new proposed casino, will take place next week.

2016 will be a year dedicated to elections. Therefore, casino approvals may prove more difficult to obtain. Last year, Atlantic City lost a few operators. It is likely that two other casinos will permanently shut their doors. Luckily, in 2013, New Jersey agreed on allowing Atlantic City’s online casino gambling proponents to forward a new offer. Consequently, revenues have recorded significant growth. Unfortunately, due to other states taking the lead in generating revenue from casinos, AC has sensed a decrease in local gambling market returns.

Although the Empire State has approved four casinos in New York, operators were not fully satisfied. Taking this into consideration, New York decided to build facilities upstate. This represents the perfect opportunity for Meadowlands.

The proposed casino is estimated to generate $500 million in annual gaming revenue that might help slow an imminent collapse of the Atlantic City gaming industry.


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