New Bill to legalize online Poker in New York

New Bill to legalize online Poker in New York

John Bonacic, the Senator of New York, introduced a bill that would regulate online poker in the Empire State, allowing operators to sign agreements with Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

The new bill, S5302-2015, does not include the “bad actor” clause. The clause would have banned companies that continued operating after the voting of the UIGEA in 2006 (the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). The Senator stated that this new regulation will lead internet gambling down a successful track, considering the worldwide popularity that the online gambling industry has amassed over the years.

According to the bill, all gambling games will have to be played inside a casino. The opposite of this would be considered an illegal process and the operator would be shut down. Bonacic also stated that he wishes to exclude poker from the games of chance category in order for it to be legal on other platforms other than inside classical casino establishments.

If the bill is approved ten new operators could enter the gambling market, conditioned by a $10 million hefty fee, and receive the license to operate in New York. The government would then obtain a $100 million income and a 15% tax from each operator from gross gaming revenue.

No official hearing was announced or scheduled for the new Bill.


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