New and interesting gaming trends

New and interesting gaming trends

Recently a study was made with the purpose of understanding the gaming industry and the expansion of gaming companies into non-gaming projects. More than 250 gaming executives responded to this survey and the results are now out. Here is what they’ve learned.

To start it off, it seems that non-gaming amenities are becoming a big deal for more and more casino resorts. Over 78% of the executives said they had non-gaming amenities available for players and that on average this generated 25% of the total revenue of their facilities. Additionally, about 69% of them expect this segment of the casino business to grow over the next two years. Retail, nightclubs and food-courts are another aspect of the casino resort which are expected to grow more and more over future years.

When it comes to gaming itself, electronic table games and server-based gaming seem to already be in place in most casinos. Social gaming, internet gaming and mobile gaming also made this list and were noted as the technologies most likely to be added to the largest number of properties over the next one or two years. When they were asked if online or social games pose a real threat to land-based casinos, most of them disagreed.

Slot machines it would seem are still the staple of the industry and their numbers will just keep growing over the years. A lot of table games are slowly but surely being shut down to make more room for slot machines, which have proven over the years to be the most efficient sources of income.


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