Mobile gaming catching up with desktop

Mobile gaming catching up with desktop

If in recent years online gambling, particularly the desktop-variety has succeeded in attracting a wide range of players from around the world, the trend looks to be heading more and more towards the mobile gaming generation.

Smart phones and tablets are demanding their chunk of the action. In fact, according to data-tracking Optimove “[Desktop] activity currently outperforms mobile activity – although mobile is climbing steadily.”

The overall global gambling market, worth over $30 billion, is expected to continue growing at a fast pace since more places are regulating online gambling while hand-held device developers push the limits to this new favorite tech.

As revealed by Optimove, the current percentage of mobile online gamblers is at 14 while the desktop gamblers boast a high 86%. The real-money wagering situation is a bit higher for mobile with 16% of betting being made over hand-held devices. The desktop users are putting in 85%, in comparison.

Current players, specifically 66% of them, prefer playing online over desktop or laptop platforms while current mobile players are only at 16%. This figure is predicted to go up by 2% each month, thus the mobile gambling industry is seeing a significant rise and is expected to be able to topple the odds in their favour.

Another issue that mobile gaming developers are facing is the retention rate at which they convert online gamblers into mobile ones. Apparently a big chunk of the first time mobile bettors return to desktop after 30 days.

Perceivable solutions could be to either improve the player’s in-game experience or simply attract new players.


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