Microgaming Poker Tour announced in Vienna

Microgaming Poker Tour announced in Vienna

Every Poker player out there has the dream of making it into a huge tournament like the European Poker Tour (EPT), World Poker Tour ( WPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP). But until you can get to that level there are other options out there for you as well.

The Microgaming Poker Networks first decided to start a live Poker tour back in 2014. Even though the first editions had very few players that did not let them down and they kept at it. This year the tournament will be a lot bigger, the coverage has increased but the buy-ins are still the same so people can still easily afford it.

The number of events that the tour will host has also grown from two to three. The guaranteed prizes have also risen as did the attendance across the field.

Overall the tour numbers are constantly growing and the fun will start all over again in January 2016. The MPNPT has announced that the opening of the season will take place in Vienna. It will be hosted by the popular Montesino Casino and the €550 Main Event will have a €200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

“Our event in Dublin had a huge prize pool of €256,500 and we expect to beat that with the Vienna festival. Vienna is an amazing city that can only be made better by a weekend of top-quality poker action.” said Alex Scott, Head of Poker at Microgaming.


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