Microgaming pioneers online slots betting

Microgaming pioneers online slots betting

Microgaming, world renowned online casino games provider is not only on top of the list when it comes to online gambling platforms, but, since their launch on the market they have brought innovative solutions and implementation to the business.

With a portfolio of mobile games of over 225, Microgaming does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Multiple games are added to this roster every month and sometimes they develop the online and mobile versions simultaneously so that mobile players do not miss their chance for a good win and lots of fun.

This strategy was used when releasing the infamous Game of Thrones slots game and it was a big hit online as much as on mobile. The same plans are in sync for the release of the well-awaited Bridesmaids video slot game. The aforementioned slot is inspired by the popular chick-flick of the same name and will be coming to the online and mobile platforms this August.

The mobile platform has a few perks and is organize for maximizing user friendliness. On loading the game screen displays the player’s balance, the spin button, as well as both balance and win amounts. For swiping phone the betting settings are found with the swipe right action. This feature also allows the player to make game setting like sound on or off, effects on or off, or get rid of the Quick Spin option altogether. Swiping left will lead the player to the payout table and rules for each game.

Progressive slots games are available in mobile versions too. The insanely popular Mega Moolah has a mobile version and appears to be holding its popularity status even here. Another reason for which this slots game is most played is that it offers multiple levels for winning chances, the largest jackpot being the Mega Progressive one.


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