Micro-stakes Poker and famous winners

Micro-stakes Poker and famous winners

The myth here is that low stakes playing gamblers cannot make a decent living doing just that. The 4 poker pros that have made a name for themselves doing just that not only proved that it can be done, but also that it can be done quite well.

If you manage to turn $5 into $100,000 for certain there is more to your skill level than basic Poker playing knowledge. Boku87, real name Thomas Boekhoff is a wizard when it comes turning dimes into gold. Thomas’ passion for the game and for challenges met to form the “turn $100 into $10,000” challenge in 2010.

He has since taken and succeeded in a new challenge of turning $5 into $100,000. This was indeed no small task and it took dedication, time, and a tough psyche, but Boku87 managed after 10 months to raise his bankroll to $100,384 from meager beginnings. His strategy in playing over 45,000 SNG tournaments was to impose a $0.02 to $0.04 fixed limit and $0.10 for the SNG tournaments. His winnings were an amalgamation of table cash-ins and promotional bonuses and points.

Next in line for a legendary poker pro spot is infamous Annette_15 who is well-known for starting her poker career without playing for real money. She simply hit a freeroll win and up the ranks she went. Legal name Annette Obrestad, this famous player is admired by her generation and not only, for proving that anyone could make a career by playing online low stakes games.

Winning the WSOPE Europe Main Event definitely helped her cause as she left home with a $1 million prize in hand. Barely 18 years old Annette made a name for herself throughout the global online gambling market.

Not necessarily famous for winning tons of money but more for how many hands he has played, this micro stakes legend proved that you can choose a comfortable career in playing low to mid-cash NL100-like games online. Chiren80 spent a whole month playing online and 422 hours later he had $2,200 in his account. The goal was to play one million hands and that he did.

The fourth and most impressive winner over online gambling, up to this day is maratik. This Russian player took the online poker world by surprise and turned 40 FPPs (Frequent Player Points) and not only turned them into an amazing $5,200 prize3, but also became the winner of the WCOOP Main Event. He later took that money and turned it into a 7 figure bankroll.


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