Malta revising their gambling laws

Malta revising their gambling laws

The gambling regulators of Malta are planning to update the country’s gambling legislation, particularly in an effort to protect online gambling customers. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) had a representative tell the press that the existing gambling laws are under review and they will submit some proposals to parliament this autumn that will try to innovate and extend the MGA’s power.

This spokesperson said that the review had been in talks since 2013 and denied that the prompt that it got is in any way related to Italy’s recent crackdown on gaming businesses that were allegedly controlled by the ‘Ndrangheta crime organization. The MGA has been working with Italian authorities in an effort to suspend or shut down all the companies associated with Italian firms. Some of these companies have threatened that they would sue the MGA for millions of euros in damages if their investigations won’t lead to any criminal convictions.

It seems that the MGA is making strides in an effort to focus more on protecting the players that can fall victims to some online operators. They have received criticism in the past as well after certain companies left players high and dry and then disappeared from the country. The regulator has since then gone through some very significant changes in its executive ranks as well as making a formal rebranding.


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