Lower payouts mean fewer slot players

Lower payouts mean fewer slot players

Gaming industry reports’ role is to shed light on how certain niches of the online and land-based casino are handling change over time. The newest study says that lower percentage payouts coming from slot machines are helping to lower the number of players that indulge slot machine gambling.

In order to find out what the state of the market is and looking only at slot machine performance, Applied Analysis, at the behest of the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, conducted a study that stretched 16 states.

The study concluded that lower spending on slot machines is a “clear and consistent trend”. The fact that slot machines are not paying out more often is also a factor in the decline of slots machine engagement. Starting with 2007, the payout percentages from slot machines have gone down by an average of -2.8% per year.

Although some blame can be attributed to the declining global economy overall, the study made it clear that slots players were beginning to be discouraged from playing well ahead of this market crash “which was also the time in which slot hold percentages began to report their most significant rate of increase.”

The data also points to the fact that, even though the slots hold percentage has increased to 7.7%- and all-time high, gamblers are still not going back to playing the slots. Since 2007 the slots handle has declined by 18.1% while the slot winnings have fallen below 14%.

Some governmental regulators are trying to problem solve the lack of interest, on the part of younger demographics, in slots games.


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