Licensed online casinos around the world

Licensed online casinos around the world

The online casino industry has offered the chance for people to experience the casino without the effort of having to leave their homes. Sports betting fans were also delighted to have the fun at their fingertips benefiting from the assistance of online bookies.

Although in 2015 the online gambling market is flourishing, it is hard to believe that more than 50% of people around the world are not legally allowed to visit an online casino. There are only 60 countries that have allowed licenses for online casinos.

According to the same research collected by an online casino database, foreign operators are favored, to the disadvantage of local ones that have to deal with very strict laws. There are places where land based casinos are legal but the virtual ones are not, or vice versa, countries where online casinos are allowed while land based resorts are banned, like the situation in Norway, for example.

The study assigned 1000 points as the maximum level for how open a country is to online gambling. The top three countries considered most casino friendly, scoring a total of 960 points, are Andorra, Chile, and Venezuela, while the ones who rank the lowest are France, Iran, and the United States. Online gambling is only legal in three American states, which means that the majority of Americans are forbidden from visiting an online casino.

The laws that regulate online gambling are very different from one country to another. While in some countries the regulations are very strict, enforcing criminal penalties, others leave certain loopholes and turn a blind eye.


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