Learning Asia Poker

Learning Asia Poker

Asia Poker is a clever variation which combines the rules of Pai Gow Poker and a Chinese game commonly known as “13 cards”. The game apparently came out around the area of Atlantic City and it slowly but surely made its way to the west.


  1. To play the game you will need a 53-card deck which also includes a single joker. You can make use of the joker to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush. If you can’t use it to complete one of those hands it will be treated as an ace (just like in Pai Gow Poker).
  2. After a starting wager has been made, both the player and the dealer will get seven cards.
  3. Now the player can check his cards out and arrange them into a one-card low hand, a two-card medium hand and a four-card high hand.
  4. As far as their poker values go, the low hand can’t be higher than the medium hand and the medium hand may not be higher than the high hand. If you break this rule you will foul the hand which will result in an immediate loss.
  5. You can only make pairs or two singletons with your medium hand, no straights or flushes.
  6. For the four-card hand there are only poker rankings like in conventional Poker. The single exception is that you can’t make full houses.
  7. Now the dealer will set his hand according to a “house way” which he has to follow.
  8. The three hands that the player has will now be compared to the corresponding hands that the dealer has. In all of the comparisons, the higher valued hand is going to win. All ties will go in favour of the dealer.
  9. When the player manages to win at least two of the three hands, he will win even money on his initial wager. In any other case he is going to lose. Keep in mind that no commission will be charged for wins.
  10. Additionally a Bonus Bet might be offered. This Bonus Bet will be based on the Poker value of the player’s seven-card hand.


Most decisions will usually be pretty obvious in this game. Just arrange the cards as best as you see fit. If you do encounter problems or are unsure of how to best arrange your cards you can ask the dealer to set your cards by the “house way”.

House Way

This is the “house way” that is used in most casinos where the game is played. Some unconfirmed reports show that some casinos use a different house way but this is the standard procedure. This is the follow grouping as far as card values go for the “house way”:

  • 2-6 = Low Cards
  • 7-10 = Medium Cards
  • J-A = High Cards


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