Ladies CEO Poker Night a success

Ladies CEO Poker Night a success

A couple of years back famous internet entrepreneur Heidi Messer had the insight of starting a women-only poker night event at her loft in Manhattan. Now with a waiting list of over 1000, the event has really kicked off with professionals from across the board wanting to join in on the fun. The best part is that this poker-focused evening is so much more than just a night of gambling.

This year’s elite poker affair has seen the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Richard Kind, Chad Dickerson of Etsy, and infamous Dick Parsons getting the poker onlooker seat all warmed up. Unfortunately, although the venue has had to change for the large number of attendees, each game can allow a maximum number of 70 players.

“We’re taking a page from men who have long used golf for pleasure and business, but moving from the greens to felt greens. I think anyone who is good at business has a natural knack for poker” Heidi Messer commented in an interview. She relates gambling to business practices stating that poker can teach patience, conversational openness, and allows you to get to know your opponent before taking risky decisions.

Although men have infiltrated the gaining in popularity ladies poker night, they are only allowed in as dealers, croupiers or as instructors for novices to the scene. Kelly Hoey, a professional start-up investor explains that “The evening was all about bringing together powerful women in business, media and philanthropy. Powerful connections were made and alliances formed as the cards were dealt. The only thing missing from this high-powered evening of poker were the cigars!”


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