King of the Cage fight in casino

King of the Cage fight in casino

A huge MMA fight took place a few days earlier in Washington, Pa. The promotional King of the Cage show returns with Counter Attack. This is their second event at this casino. Owner Terry Trebilcock has this to say: “Pennsylvania has a great history of wrestling; Penn State has one of the best wresting teams. Not being in this market I felt like it hurt us. When the opportunity opened up, we smashed it.”

MMA is a full contact combat sport which started becoming popular in the US in 1993. It combines striking and grappling so fighters can combine a lot of practices like wrestling, karate, jiu-jitsu and boxing, thus becoming well-rounded combat experts. The first events this sport had were called brutal and considered to be just a glorified street fight. However over the years they have taken great strides in assuring that such street tactics and actions were banned and could not seriously injure fighters.

The next main event will be between Justin Steave versus Brady Hovermale. Steave told the press that he was very excited about the fight and assured everybody that fireworks would shoot by the end of the night.

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports and has quite the fan base in Pittsburgh. Apparently a lot of people prefer to watch it on TV though and have no idea that there are a lot of local gyms where they can practice the sport.


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