Kansas state committee to chose casino developer

Kansas state committee to chose casino developer

Three casino projects await approval from Southeast Kansas state committee. The state is to appoint a new developer but is swayed by a new economic report.

Two casinos are to be built in Crawford County and one in Cherokee County. The study might undermine the construction of the new casinos since it implies higher costs than those projected by casino supporters. B. J. Harris, representative of the Crawford County Convention and Vistors Bureau, supports the study, and commented on the three-thousand dollar investment required for the study “That’s fair money to pay if it results getting a casino here in Crawford County.”

A second supporter, Greg Ferris, states that the study should not be taken into consideration and adds “The analysis they used was, I don’t even know what word to use, because it was so bad.” Ferris continued explaining that “The numbers that are being thrown out there are swaying public opinion. Which is fine, that’s the way numbers are used. We’re hoping to level the playing field a little bit to indicate that maybe those numbers aren’t as accurate as they’re saying.”

Although Ferris and Harris are on the same side and support the casinos being developed, they are in opposition when it comes to the so-called economic study. Ferris contends that the study was done superficially and “They took a casino, and figured how many slot machines it had, and that gave them a number it would cost us to build our casino.”

Ferris states that the proposed Cherokee County casino has a firm grasp on how much money it would take to build. On the other side, Harris suggests that the study was done with proper research and stands by his affirmations. Crawford County officials do not appear to have any other plans to undertake a second study on the subject.

While state committee is to choose a developer soon, Cherokee County casino supporters disregard the study by mentioning that it will be clear to everyone that the study is biased.


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