John Grochowski talks about Double Exposure Blackjack

John Grochowski talks about Double Exposure Blackjack

Recently John Grochowski was asked by a fan where did the house edge come from in a game of Double Exposure Blackjack. His thoughts were that in regular Blackjack the house edge is mostly due to the dealer having a hidden card. The expert replied that this was not the case. The house has an edge because players have to make all of their decisions before the dealer plays his hand. If the player goes bust, he loses regardless of whether the dealer busts, too. If both the player and the dealer go bust, the house wins.

Even if a player can see both cards that the dealer has, like in double exposure, he is still risking going bust. Plus there are other factors that keep the house edge on top. Double Exposure Blackjack only pays even money on blackjacks and the dealers wins all ties except for blackjacks.

His other subject of discussion was the recent banning of baseball superstar Pete Rose from gambling for having gambled on games while he was still a player. In John’s honest opinion the ban is completely deserved since it is said that he also gambled while he was the manager of a team as well, and for lying to investigators. Game-fixing has been a serious issue for sports all over the world so this scandal in no way helps the image that large sports companies are trying to uphold.


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