Jeb Bush says casinos might expand in Miami

Jeb Bush says casinos might expand in Miami

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush took part in a long struggle to keep casino expansion out of the Sunshine State when he was still in office. This Tuesday he finally admitted that the times are about to change.

In a meeting he had with the Las Vegas Review Journal Editorial Board, Bush told them that Florida’s current legislature could allow for the expansion of casino gambling, beyond the race track casinos and the casinos operated by the Seminole Indian tribe which already exist in the state.

It is pretty clear that the tax revenues that would come with such a change in the legislature look very enticing for the state right now. Ex-Governor Bush also said that the lawmakers in Florida had a meeting where they discussed the laws that had to be changed in order to allow new casinos.

A large company which operates in the industry has already spent $300 million in downtown Miami to secure a 30 acre lot for a proposed $3 billion project. If this casino expansion will be allowed, Bush has speculated that the legislature will probably favor the gaming properties being built mostly in the southern part of the state, including Miami’s Dade County and Broward County. Apparently the lawmakers in the north are still opposed to a gambling expansion.


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