iWatch online gambling

iWatch online gambling

The Apple iWatch is now a reality and online gambling experts are pointing towards the bright future of wrist gambling on this new convenient media device.

As always, online casino gaming developers have already put on their thinking caps and are looking to develop new platforms for enabling players to use their iWatch for betting actions. If 100 years ago no one even dreamed of such advancements, in our age technology is advancing almost unsurprisingly and new generations are already used to the idea that it will continue pushing the barriers toward more amazing inventions.

Hopefully the casino game developers are on top of this and well on their way to developing new applications for the iWatch.

Some things we’re looking forward to seeing are Craps for iWatch, better in-game experience, better loyalty bonus offers, new games and perhaps even a cool VR system. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? To project things from the iWatch and feel like you’re actually in the game.

For a few suggestions what if the iWatch enabled a way to shake those Craps dice that completely changes the way we view and interact with games. Perhaps the dice will show up on the screen and at the shake and the throw of your wrist the dice are rolled. We’re wondering if the same system might also work for roulette where you can have the ball dropped onto the spinning roulette displayed on your screen.

Blackjack is also a good contender because you’re only playing against the dealer and you won’t technically need that much space for the cards to be shown.

Another gambling app that might work on the iWatch is a sports betting app. Instead of reaching for the phone you can easily place a bet with one simple swiping movement. Besides being a reminder keeper, and you will be reminded of important meetings, deadlines, tasks, the iWatch could also display bonus offers from you preferred casino.

Reminders on the latest games releases and hottest bonuses can save you quite a good chunk of time in a day. Not to mention that yes, the iWatch does actually keep time.

What do we mean by VR? None other than ye old Virtual Reality! Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus and other headsets are in development and soon to be launched to the world’s audiences. Why not incorporate such a technology with the iWatch.

Your iWatch could virtually be used as a motion apparatus, even hold your bank account or an e-wallet, and secure your most valuable digital possessions.

Now for the games bit, we’re eagerly waiting to see what developers are going to come with trying to incorporate motion tech with the iWatch features. Imagine a Wii controller attached to your wrist that can predict and analyze your movements. Next up, teleportation iWatch app.


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