Isai Scheinberg in Poker Hall of Fame

Isai Scheinberg in Poker Hall of Fame

WSOP has asked their poker fans earlier this week about who should be considered for the Poker Hall of Fame this year. Poker pro Terrence Chan responded: “Isai Scheinberg. Do I have to explain this to you guys every year?” Chan has been asking any person who feels the same as he does to vote for Scheinberg.

In case you don’t know, Isai Scheinberg is the creator for one of the world’s most known site, a platform which Chan himself helped build in the early stages of the company. He further explained in a statement why he thinks Scheinberg deserves to be in the Poker Hall of Fame:

“It should be patently clear that no one in the recent history of poker has had more impact on the game than Isai Scheinberg. Through the creation of his company, he introduced more players to poker than anyone alive, and ushered a period of growth in the 2000s that was unmatched in poker history. One need only look at the WSOP fields and prize pools to know that the world before online poker was but a shell of what it is today, and his company raised the bar so high that while literally hundreds of attempts have been made to recreate its success, no one has really come close.”

He further claimed that the Poker Hall of Fame has no legitimacy until Isai has been added to their roster.


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