Introduction to Lunar Poker

Introduction to Lunar Poker

Lunar Poker is a variation of Caribbean Stud Poker which is also known as Royal Poker or Russian Poker. It has a couple of rules which will allow the player to modify both his hand and that of the dealer. The game started popping up in casinos in Russia and it slowly made its way all across the world.


  1. The game uses a standard 52-card deck and the usual poker rules for ranking and comparing hands.
  2. Now the player will have to place the obligatory Ante and Super wagers. The Super wager has to be equal or greater than the Ante.
  3. The player also has the option to make a Super Wager by taking into account the dealer’s hand or that of any other player.
  4. All of the players and the dealer will receive five cards, with the dealer’s bottom card being turned face up.
  5. The dealer will ask all of the players to declare any winning Super Wager hands based on the cards that they have just received.
  6. Additionally if any player has a straight flush or royal flush his Ante bet will be paid immediately and his cards will be collected.
  7. All of the remaining players have to decide whether they will Fold, Play, Buy or Draw.
    • Fold: The player gives up his hand and places it next to his Ante wager. The dealer will collect both.
    • Play: The player will place a wager that is the double of his Ante.
    • Buy: The player has to place a bet which is equal to his Ante and in return he will get a 6th card.
    • Exchange: The player can put a bet equal to the Ante so he can switch 2-5 of his cards.
  8. If the player chose to Buy or Exchange he has to decide if he will Fold or Play taking his new hand into account.
  9. Now the dealer will reveal his hand and declare its poker value.
  10. If the dealer happens to have a Super combination, any Super wagers that have been placed on his hand will be immediately paid.
  11. In the case that the dealer qualifies with a hand of Ace-King or better, he will open and settle all of the player’s hands like this:
    • Player Wins: Ante pushes and the Raise bet is paid.
    • Tie: Both the Ante and the Raise bets will be pushed.
    • Dealer wins: Both the Ante and Raise bets will lose.
  12. If a winning hand held by a player also has a second poker combination the player will be paid for both of these combinations, even if the second one does not beat the dealer’s hand. In order for the second combination to qualify it has to contain at least one card which was not used in the first combination.

Those are the basic rules of the game which are generally used. Of course some casinos will offer their own house rules which can change the game quite a lot. So before sitting down at a table make sure that you read all the extra information that might be provided.


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