How to set up an online poker grind station

How to set up an online poker grind station

A lot of people nowadays have embraced the game of poker as a full time career. While a very small number of players have managed to skyrocket to success and gather a small fortune in winnings, a lot are still looking for that lucky break. But then there are also the grinders, people who play poker like a 9 to 5 job, slowly making a profit day in and day out. To begin your grinding career you will obviously need a computer, so here are some quick tips on what you should look for when building a grinding station.

The first think you should decide on is the operating system. I would generally recommend going for Windows but if you’re a huge Mac fan, a Mac will do as well. But keep note that you’ll be spending a lot more on a Mac if you want some decent specs. The minimum you need is probably and i3 processor, 8GB of Ram and a decent sized hard drive.

As far as monitors go size is pretty important so aim for something over 27” ideally. An even better option is getting two monitors to allow more room for multiple tables at once. A gaming mouse and keyboard will also help a lot since they will offer more comfort and also precision. You really can’t go wrong with a gaming mouse because they are unparalleled in precision in today’s market.

And last but not least you will obviously need a decent internet connection. Speed is not the issue but stability is. I hope these tips will help you create the perfect grinding station.


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