How to play Super Fun 21

How to play Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 Blackjack is a variant of regular Blackjack but with a couple of twists and new rules. This variant of Blackjack most likely came from the evolution of the internet. Some of these differences are meant to entice players to keep playing this game. They consist of things like players winning double their money when they get 21 with five cards or more and so on and so forth. The house edge is pretty much the same as regular Blackjack, ranging in between 1.16% to 1.40%.

Super Fun 21 Terminology

  • Going Bust – this is when your hand has gone over the 21 limit and you lose the hand. Dealers can also go bust.
  • Double Down – this means that you double your wager, giving up the right to hit again and online getting one more card in the game.
  • Hit – meaning you ask the dealer for another card.
  • Soft – when you use the ace as an 11 and not as a 1.
  • Split – this is an option you have only when you have a pair of the same card as your first two cards. You can then split them into two separate hands.
  • Stand – when you decide to stand you will not receive any more cards and you will have to compare your hand to the dealer’s and the winner will be decided.

Game Rules

  • Super Fun 21 is usually played with only one regular deck of 52 cards.
  • Players can place their bets and then they will be dealt two cards face up.
  • The dealer gets a hole card and an up card.
  • If his up card is an ace or a ten-value card the dealer can peek at his hole card.
  • The dealer has to hit on a soft 17.
  • Players can split up to three times and they may also double down after splitting. In some variants of Super Fun 21 casinos will allow players to re-split up to four hands.
  • Players can also surrender in any round they consider is not worth playing. They will lose half their initial bet. This can be done if they have hit, split or double down in the game already.
  • Alternatively to the regular rules of Blackjack, any player that manages to get a hand of six or more cards, fewer than 20, automatically wins the game. This will happen even if the dealer has a blackjack.
  • If the player’s hand contains five cards or more totaling 21, he will be paid out 2:1.
  • Getting a blackjack which consists of a suit of diamonds also pays out 2:1.
  • A player who gets a blackjack will always win out over a dealer who also has a blackjack.

Online casinos have brought a lot of variation to the classic game of Blackjack. Super Fun 21 is one of the most successful variants and a clear hit with online gamblers. Whether it’s the differing rules or the enticing rewards, Super Fun 21 is here to stay.


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