How to play Mini-Tex

How to play Mini-Tex

The game of Mini-Tex is a clever variation of Texas-Hold’em which is played against the dealer. The main objective of the game is to win by having a better three-card Poker hand than the dealer with the use of two pocket cards and three community cards. The game has been doing the rounds at a few casinos in Las Vegas and has gained some following among gamblers.


  1. To play this one you will need a regular 52-card deck and you will have to use the standard Three Card Poker rules when you are comparing two hands.
  2. At the start of the game the player will have to make an Ante bet.
  3. Now the dealer will hand the player and himself two face down cards each.
  4. At this time the player will be able to examine his cards and decide whether he will fold or raise 1x his Ante bet by making a Flop bet. Players are prohibited from sharing any information about their hands with other players around the table.
  5. Now the dealer will place two cards face up on the table. This is “the Flop” for this type of game.
  6. The player can now choose whether to fold or raise 1x his Ante by making a River bet.
  7. Now the dealer will deal the third and final community card face up on the table. This third card is commonly known as “the River” in common Poker lingo.
  8. Now the player must choose if he will either fold or raise 2x his Ante by making a Play bet.
  9. The dealer will now reveal his two hole cards and compare his best three-card hand with that of the player. The best hand has to make use of at least one of the hole cards. In other words you cannot play the board alone.
  10. In order to qualify the dealer needs to have a pair or better. If he does not qualify then the player will be paid even money on his Ante, Flop and River bets. The Play bet in this event will be pushed to the next round of play.
  11. When the dealer does qualify you will have to follow these steps:
    • If the hand that the player has is better than the one the dealer is holding, the player will be paid even money on all of the bets that he placed.
    • If the dealer ends up having the better hand the player will lose all of the bets.
    • In the event that both hands will be tied, the wagers that the player has placed in the game will be pushed to the next round.


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