How to play in slot tournaments

How to play in slot tournaments

The huge gaming company Microgaming has recently introduced the concept of “online slot tournaments” to some of their online casino software. This is available to most online casinos that use Microgaming software all around the world. The games are very easy and really fun to play so below I will show you a “how to” so you can easily get started.

Nowadays most online slot tournaments will run for about 5 minutes and they currently use either the “Tombraider” or “Thunderstruck” slot for freerolls, while “Avalon” and “Loaded” tournaments will ask for buy-ins. Every two hours there are also freeroll slot tournaments with various prizes.

How to play:

  1. Look online at the vast offering of online casinos out there. Choose one of them after checking out their Terms and Conditions and figuring out which of them is the best for you.
  2. Then you can download their software and register on their website. Once you have installed their software, go to the “Slot Tournaments” section which you can find in the casino lobby. They will ask for you to register a nickname. You should choose this nickname carefully since it will be with you for life whenever you play any Microgaming online slot tournaments.
  3. Take a good look at the list of tournaments and mouse-over each one to see their details. Pay attention to their entry fees (some will be free), prizes, duration and rules. Tournaments which ask for no buy-in will start approximately every 2 hours and last for 5 minutes usually.
  4. For tournaments which show their status as “Open” you can pre-register. If their status shows “Scheduled” it means that they are not yet open for registration. If that status is “In Play” it means that you were there too late unless you pre-registered. Most tournaments which have buy-ins will wait for 5 players before starting. Normally all of this will happen pretty fast, depending on what time you decide to play at. Fixed tournaments will accept a lot more players and will start at a scheduled time.
  5. After you have signed up for tournaments you can minimize the casino software. It will automatically flash in your taskbar when a tournament is ready to start. You will have a 30-second countdown to accept and enter the tournament. On tournaments which have a buy-in you have to be there on time because the tourney will start immediately and run for the allotted time. Usually a tournament will last for 15 to 30 minutes so you have to hit spin as fast as possible in that time.

Once you start spinning remember to never stop until the time is over. You can probably get around 14 spins per minute so don’t waste any time. You can at any time check out your current placement in a small window. Keep in mind also that the “autoplay” feature will be turned off and so will the “quickspin” option so every spin will take around 4 or 5 seconds to complete.


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