How Auto-Play Feature Can Affect your Online Casino Games?

How Auto-Play Feature Can Affect your Online Casino Games?

Online casino games are not just about winning money, they are also about fun. One of the biggest attractions behind playing online casino real money games is in the fun that you get when you click on a button and the game unfolds in front of you. Gambling has always been cherished for its random nature, especially since the coming of the online casinos. Most players want to keep it natural and non-predictive. But auto-play casino games are changing that scenario. There are many pros and cons of this feature, but it is believed that the negatives outweigh the positives.

What are Autoplay Casino Games?

In auto-play online casino real money no deposit games, the game play is programmed to a pattern. But with this repetitive nature of gambling the same way again and again, the casino experience can become boring. It is also referred to as ‘auto-spin’ in slots games. In this feature, you can program the hand or spins and then sit back and watch as the game gets played automatically. For many players, this system may become pointless in the long term, taking away all the fun from the game.

Why Auto Play Can Become Boring?

There are many disadvantages of choosing to play online casino usa games in auto-play mode:

  • You will no longer be playing or enjoying the online casino games yourself.
  • Because auto play will speed up your game, you are more likely to spend more in a session.
  • One of the biggest negatives of this mode is that you are not going to learn and develop your skills. Even if most online casino games are pure games of chance, you can learn a lot in improving odds over the long term. Trial and error is an effective learning method. So auto play online casino no deposit bonus games may not be doing you the benefits that you think they may be.
  • Another disadvantage is that you will have to trust the integrity of the online casino where you choose to play. If you not sure about an online casino, you cannot be certain that you are getting the best from strategy.

Lack of flexibility is another concern with this feature. So if you set a slots game for 20 spins in auto-play mode, each of the spin will be played for same amount. You will not enjoy the flexibility that comes with ordinary gaming in real-money or free online casino games.

You may want to change your betting parameters at different points. Some online casinos may offer software programs for adjusting the patterns. But they are still rigid and have many limitations. Another concern is that the feature is not compatible with free spins or bonus rounds. In many cases, the function gets aborted on its own, so you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the bonus features in a game.

No Alerts

As a gambler you must know whenever you have won big or made a huge loss. Auto-play feature will usually not alert you if you win or lose big. It will keep following the pattern without concern for the results during the time the feature is activated.

Imagine if you wanted to leave a game with the profits once you hit win a big amount. But if the auto-play feature is activated, you will not be able to know. There is a very high probability that you may incur losses on the next spins after a big win and the profits could be lost.

Thus, the auto-play feature can not only take away the fun from online casino games, it can also affect your profits.


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