Helen Keeley of NCLGS on internet gambling regulation

Helen Keeley of NCLGS on internet gambling regulation

Helen Keeley, Chairman of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States and Representative of Delaware discusses in July about the New Policy Framework for the regulation of online gambling regarding individual states.

According to Keeley, “over the last year and a half the NCLGS has sent out the policy for any state that is interested in passing online gaming legislation in the individual states.” She continues stating that the Committee together with the Board voted in January for the final draft of the online gambling legislation. The Policy Framework outlines at length important issues such as the difference between choosing an appropriate gambling niche like online Poker or a whole full casino online.

The Framework also talks about the possibility of implementing a lottery online and about the issues with problem gaming online and what can be done to properly apply the rules for safe and responsible gaming. The idea is that each state can accept the Framework and add or take out particular things that pertain to their particular economic needs and preferences.

Since Nevada and Delaware have compacted on online Poker, although this action is in its incipient stages, “people are online and they’re playing Poker online, which is wonderful news because it’s taken us a whole year to get here” confirms Keeley. The next step is to make sure that the state goes through each regulation in due time, together with Nevada’s regulatory body.

“I think it’s a pivotal move” says Keeley, who has been working hard in bringing the current Framework to life. The Delaware Representative predicts that, although competition with California is huge, other states might want to join the Delaware-Nevada compact or think of creating a compact of their own.

When asked about RAWA-Sheldon Adelson threat to online gambling, the NCLGS Chairman confirms that the state of Delaware has sent a letter to Congress outlining the fact that the state is against this action. She is convinced that each state has the right to be able to vote whether to allow online gambling or not.


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