Have slot machines lost their charm?

Have slot machines lost their charm?

Slot machines have been around for over 120 years by now. They’ve garnered a lot of different names from nations all across the world. Nowadays they are a staple in any bar, pub and of course casino floor. Las Vegas has almost 200,000 of them and the sounds of jingling and coins dropping echoes all throughout the Strip. But it would seem that slowly but surely all of that jingling is starting to die down. Could it be that slot machines are losing their pulling power?

For so many years has the slot machine been a good friend to the leisurely gambler. This is mostly due to how easy it is to play compared to a Poker or Blackjack table. Despite this it is still very exciting when you manage to get a win after playing for hours and end. But the last few decades have seen a slow rise of table games compared to slot machines. Most of it is due to the popularity of Poker and the huge tournaments that attract millions of viewers annually like World Series of Poker.

In the US alone it would seem that casinos are starting to wheel out the slots in favour of the tables. In the state of Maryland their three largest casinos have ditched 1,350 slots in the last 15 months to make more room for Poker and Blackjack tables. I’m sure this doesn’t mean that slot machines will completely disappear but their numbers will definitely start to shrink.


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