Going from live to online poker

Going from live to online poker

Live players are starting to turn to the online casino environment more and more. This trend is gaining in popularity because of the fact that playing online is much more convenient and you can also play several tables at the same time.

The common assumption is that a good live player will be able to transition to playing online without any noticeable issues popping up. The reality is that even the pros make mistakes sometime and in this particular case the players are making 1 significant mistake that can really break the game for them.

Experts agree that the first mistake and most damaging a player might make when transitioning to online gambling is playing much too high stakes for their skill level.

Taking as an example a typical No-limit Hold’Em poker game, land-based casino players usually start their betting at $1 or $2. While on the felt table this is completely acceptable and the bets are considered the lowest bet a player can make, in online poker things stand completely differently.

A live player engaging in a game online should actually start their betting much lower than $1 because the hands are played quickly, the games are long, and the bankroll will continue to diminish if it is not managed properly.

Another reason it is good to start off cautiously, is that most players online actually do this for a living and others still can play a very sombre game. The stakes in an online game do not reflect the same level of competition that the live game does. Actually, the equivalent of a $1 skill live bet is much, much lower in an online game.


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