Go Wild with Online Slots

Go Wild with Online Slots

Online slot games come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. It follows that so do Rewards, Scatter, Wild, and other special symbols that a player may find while trying out new games. In this article we’re looking specifically at Wild symbols and what role they play on the reels of an online slot. Sure enough, these roles do not apply to all games out there, but it is better to be prepared than later sorry.

Basically, Wild symbols are the ones that take the place of any other symbols on the reels, sometimes excepting the Scatter symbol, in order to create more winning combinations. Most slot games rely on the Wild to represent the main theme or even the name of the game within its illustration or animated elements.

The Wild also gives out the biggest payouts and can act as a multiplier. The latter happens when a Wild is introduced into an already winning combination. You are rewarded the prize multiplied by the number displayed due to the Wild symbol. In more novel games the number of Wilds can also increase the Multiplier which translated into some grand winnings.

We’ve so far been talking about regular one reel Wilds. The stacked Wilds are another story altogether. Appearing in stacks of two or three, these chunks of Wilds can yield big prizes especially when appearing on the first reel. This brings us to the Expanding Wild feature. This other special case is only found in certain games, so, you have to browse quite a bit if you want a game that offers it all.

The Expanding Wild feature does exactly what it suggests: when you hit three symbols in a stack, the Wild symbol expands to fill in the whole reel. The winning odds are about the same as with the Stacked Wilds, but the visual effect on the reels are definitely far more satisfying. The animations that follow an Expanding Wild is really quite something to look at.

Last but not least we have the Exploding Wilds, a feature that occurs completely random, with regular symbols being replaced by Wilds at random, after the reels stop spinning. So there you have it, all kinds of Wilds found in all kinds of games, and all you have to do is keep an eye on those reels when spinning them.


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