Gambling Minister to hasten Swedish laws

Gambling Minister to hasten Swedish laws

The Gambling Minister of Sweden plans to quicken the regulation of new gambling laws in the country. The plan is to have more relaxed gambling laws by 2018.

So far the Swedish market has been monopolized by a single company, for over a decade. Although lawmakers thought this would be a good method of keeping illegal betting activities at bay, the opposite is true.

“Sweden’s gambling legislation has traditionally been and still is very disconnected from the realities and demands of the market” Secretary General of Sweden’s Association of Online Gambling Operators stated. He also said that the country is looking to loosen up gaming laws to include a variety of companies and types of gambling.

Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister of Public Administration stated in 2014 that efforts are being made to “accelerate the work that is currently taking place to find a licensing system which can be implemented in Sweden.” Still, Gustav Hoffstedt claims that nothing has happened thus far.

Shekarabi was seen in a video released at the Nya Spel-Sverige conference saying that the country’s agenda does not include revising gambling laws at the moment. On the one side the Minister is saying changes are in view, and on the other there seem to be no effort in this direction whatsoever.

The European Commission claimed at the European Court of Justice that “imposing restrictions on the organization and promotion of online betting services in a way in which is inconsistent with EU law” made it clear that Sweden needs to reconsider their monopoly on gambling.


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