Forms Of Best Casino Rewards From Online Casinos

Forms Of Best Casino Rewards From Online Casinos

Rewards come in different forms for the players in an online casino. Unlike the real casino, it is not only the winnings but several other bonuses are given out by online casinos. The growing competition in the online platform is one of the major reasons for so many varieties of bonuses. The gamblers must understand the ways and means to achieve the listed bonuses in a site and get maximum advantage of the same.

Welcome bonus

This is by far the best rewards programs for newbies in the casino. The players will be welcomed with an attractive bonus that can range from 10% to 100% of the signup amount. Many gamblers look for this as the major criteria to pick an online casino. There are also many other schemes wherein the welcome bonus is given for more than once.

Loyalty bonus

This is given out by online casinos for the players who are consistently gambling on their sites. As there are so many online casinos, the choice for the players is umpteen. In order to retain the customer base, the online casinos offer such loyalty bonus to lure the existing customer and thereby prevent them from going to other sites.

Monthly rewards

Another generous way of treating the customer often adopted by the online casinos is the monthly rewards. A fixed percentage of the winning amount in a month is credited to the casino rewards account of the player. However, such bonus is usually given out only once in a month or on a weekly basis. This is not found in all the casinos and players must look for casinos that give out this as they are a great money saver.


Personalised gifts are also given to the players to make them feel special. Luxury gifts like holiday packages, personal items and many more are offered for the players when they reach a maximum amount. The choice of the gift in some casino is left to the player who pick from the gift store in the site.

No deposit

Usually the casinos will require the players to make an initial deposit or regular deposit before they can start gambling. The no deposit bonus is a kind of players rewards card casinos which gives the privilege to the players to play even without depositing the amount. The winnings, if any are however possible to withdraw only after depositing the amount. This is mainly offered to break the inhibitions of the newbies about the possible risk involved in depositing an amount in an unknown online casino.

High roller bonus

There are gamblers who have a strong financial back up and consider this platform as a great way to earn some extra income. Such gambler invest huge amount and bet for higher winnings. They are not the casual kind of players but are more serious ones. When such player involve in high amount of wagering they are treated specially by giving out high roller bonus. From the total rewards online casino this bonus amount is unmatchable as compared to other forms of bonus.

Free time bonus

Such bonuses are not as popular as they have been only recently introduced in selected online casino. Casino credits are given to certain player in the site and they will also be given a specified time. The credit lies with the player and he can indulge in betting and other gambling options. When the specified time expires, the amount over the credit is considered to be winnings. After depositing the credit amount the player has the right to withdraw the winnings amount.


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