Former online Poker star doing well at WSOP

Former online Poker star doing well at WSOP

In the last few days of the 2015 WSOP there were just a few popular poker superstars left at the tables, one of them being former online poker pro Steve Gross. Steve doesn’t have a very big stack now towards the end of the competition but he is most famous for being deep in online tournaments with small stacks and still managing to hang on.

Over the years Gross has accumulated a little over $3 million. He won Card Player’s Online Player of the Year award in 2009. But since online poker became illegal in the US he had to find other things to do. He has lived in New York for the last year and started going to a cooking school. He says he tried a lot of different things since his last seven or eight years were all poker most of the time.

But now he is back to Las Vegas and ready to start grinding again. He says he tried relocating to Canada for a little while to continue playing online poker. He lived in Vancouver for a few months then went to Mexico in Rosarito as well. Although he enjoyed his time in both of those places, he wishes they would just bring online poker back to the US.


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