Football player turned online poker player

Football player turned online poker player

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has recently been made into an representative for online gambling by a well-known online operator. He has been leading the campaign since May and apparently his luck has been lasting so far.

Fans, both football and online poker ones, have been taking notice, especially considering the impressive hands that Neymar has been playing. He flaunted a royal flush in spades this past Saturday, his hand showing a King of spades, a 5 of clubs, a 4 of hearts, a 10 of spades, and a Queen of spades. He participated in a €50 Super Stack tourney and made it to the final table.

Neymar’s income is around $30 million a year, thus the winnings at a poker table must be more a matter of pride than of how much he actually wins.

The royal flush was graced with an Instagram photo and received likes from over 510,000 followers. Of course this means great coverage for player, company, and online poker alike. With such a huge following the football super star can receive even more than 700,000 likes on a selfie. Apparently Neymar is literally number two in number of followers with 30.3 million fans, losing to Justin Bieber that is in first place.


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