Famous casino mogul dies at 98

Famous casino mogul dies at 98

Famous casino and movie studio owner Kirk Kerkorian dies on Monday July 13th, at the amazing age of 98. Following his departure from this world some things came into the public eye, such as the fact that, despite notoriety, Kerkorian was camera shy and did not enjoy the spotlight.

A true philanthropist, Kerkorian seldom rewarded media interviews and preferred to donate hundreds of millions of dollars through his charitable foundation.

Patty Glaser, his attorney spanning more than 40 years, declared to the press that “He was a very private guy who shunned the limelight, both in a business way and from a charitable standpoint.” When cornered in Las Vegas at the conference that announced the building of a new lavish resort, Kerkorian looked like he was desperately looking for a way out, especially when bombarded with questions like “Are you really going to build the largest hotel-casino in the world?”

Even U.S. Senator Harry Reid, D-Nev., agreed that “He was a very private man. He rarely gave interviews. Even though he is one of the richest men in Los Angeles, he was probably the most private. He simply did not do things in public.” As it stands he did allow for an interview in 2011 with Bloomberg reporters Beth Jinks and Brett Pulley.

Jinks stated that “He was most animated when the half-hour conversation touched on boxing, flying and his Lincy Foundation charity” and remembers Kerkorian saying “I always felt, going way back, that the future of Vegas was unlimited. In the last four years, Nevada has grown rapidly and there has been more interest worldwide. I have to believe the same thing will happen again.”

Kerkorian’s legacy will live on in the gambling industry’s history books, due not only to his induction into the Gaming Hall of Fame from 1991.


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