Exceptional Roulette deviations

Exceptional Roulette deviations

In a world where technology seems to be moving at the speed of light many fusions are created out of human need to experiment and play. We now have hybrid cars, high-tech limbs for amputees, and not surprisingly crossbreed games. Casino games have not been left behind and combinations like Pinball-Roulette, Slots-Roulette and Multihand Video Poker-Roulette, have been created.

The first variant, Pinball Roulette, playfully mixes the well-loved pinball table with the Roulette concept. The bets are placed like in regular roulette and the ball is released. It then bounces around hitting bumpers and falling onto a random number at the bottom of the table. There is an in-motion line of roulette numbers which receives the ball. The bets are then paid out as you would in the normal roulette game.

The second variant is a mix between the regular Roulette game and the Free Spins concept you usually find in slot games. If you’re unfamiliar with the Free Spins notion, it goes something like this: when the Scatter or Wild symbols required, line up on the slots reel, you get a Free Spins Bonus Round. Similarly, in this roulette variation, if the ball falls on the extra yellow, unnumbered well, then the free spin round is awarded. Next, two blue lights race around the roulette and if they stop on a standing bet then payouts are handed out.

Similar as in Multihand Video Poker where the player gets to bed on a number of hands, with the multi-wheel Roulette variation you get to place bets on three different roulette wheels. You get to place one bet for all three wheels. Get lucky enough to call zero on all three wheels and you will be handed out a 1000 to 1 bonus prize.

Try one or try them all, we’re sure you will be having fun. It is great to see that casino game developers are still looking to innovate the games while keeping it fun and exciting for the rest of us.


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