Do professional gamblers earn money?

Do professional gamblers earn money?

Gambling is gaining ground with the advent of mobile gambling. Aside from the players that play for the pure fun of it, there are your usual suspects at the felt tables, and more than this, online pros have started to pop up.

Thus, many people are wondering if in fact gambling is a smart career move that can bring a good earning, similar to a salary you would steadily earn from working at a company. The more important question is, if you knew that you could make good money playing games of chance, would you actually venture into doing it?

To put it plainly, yes, you can make quite good money from gambling at a professional level. Most players have a decent “salary” or $30,000 and up, and this is counting only the online gamblers that are rather a new phenomenon in the industry. More experienced players and ones that play at tournaments all year round make upwards of $100,000 per year only from betting.

Of course it also matters what kind of game you choose to make your fortune off of. There are quite a few games out there that can be beaten and all you have to do is gain experience, pay attention to opponents strategies, and watch your bankroll closely.

Some games won’t allow the player to beat the house and this makes it a lot more difficult because the house edge is calculated in such a way that you can never win more than a few hands. These games are geared more towards entertaining than actually winning big amounts of money. Slot machines are out from the get go. They are almost entirely based on chance and unless you’ve got Lady Luck in your pocket you will be consistently losing at slots.

When it comes to Blackjack you can only win if you’re counting cards, and since this is frowned upon in most casinos, there goes your shot. Also, in online blackjack there is no possibility to count the cards, and what’s more, the random number generator shuffles the deck after each hand so probabilities are null.

I know that so far it doesn’t sound very favourable, but stick with us and it will be worth the read. There are yet games where you can gain an edge and even beat out the house or your opponents in quite a strategic fashion. Blackjack is a good variant in the eventuality where you learn to count cards while Poker is definitely your best bet.

Since you play Poker against other players and not the house, this is the game in which you can actually win the biggest rewards. Plenty of poker tournaments exist for beginners and seasoned player alike and the more you play the better. Experience, talent and a lot of hard work is required to become a professional gambler, one that actually takes home the wins.

Aside from the technical skills you’ll need to be able to handle loses as they happen and also will have to be a good bankroll manager. That said, all you need to do to start a successful career in gambling is to simply start. Many people just think about it and convince themselves it’s not worth the trouble, although they might actually have what it takes to be the next pro gambler superstar.


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