Democrat senators set to vote against RAWA

Democrat senators set to vote against RAWA

New York democratic state senators are opposing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act Bill (R.A.W.A), which would ban online gambling. The bill was initially introduced by Sheldon Adelson, a wealthy business magnate and owner of various land based casinos.

Sheldon’s efforts, to push the anti-online gambling act through, are well-known. His views have generated intense animosity among other political groups.

A letter, sent by the Democratic Conference to the Empire State on Capitol Hill, focuses on the many reasons why Adelson’s counter-arguments are not beneficial for the state. One controversial point discussed in the letter comments on allowing each state to manage online gambling as they see fit while blocking Congress interference. It also clearly states that lacking decision power in this matter is a violation of state rights.

The Independent Democratic Conference has not yet reached a final decision regarding online gambling. Considering that 5 members support online gambling it is believed that the outcome will be in favor of this kind of activity.

The Independent Democratic Conference also states that R.A.W.A is a direct threat to the New York lottery which, according to the bill, would be required to stop providing online games to the general public.


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