Czech government lowers tax for casino operators

Czech government lowers tax for casino operators

The government of the Czech Republic has agreed recently to change the tax increases that they were planning for the betting industry.

This Monday saw an agreement being reached between the leaders of the Social Democrats, ANO Movement and Christian Democrats. Their initial plan was to raise the current tax of 20% up to 25%. Now they have changed their mind and settled on 23% instead. The Social Democrat MEP Roman Sklenak said: “We agreed in the coalition council that this amendment should be filed.”

Operators of slot machines from the country will now be facing higher taxes than was previously anticipated. They plan to increase it from 25% to 28% instead. All of these operators will also be forced to pay a fee of 110 crowns a day for every machine that they have.

The Czech finance minister Andrej Babis initially wanted to raise the gross gaming win tax to 30-40%, which forced a counselor from a huge gambling company to give this response: “If next year the ministry chooses a new strategy, it is likely that the big players could leave the Czech market and stop accepting bets.”

Obviously this would prove quite a problem for the government because they don’t want to lose the taxes that they are currently taking in from gambling operators.


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