Craps terms you should know

Craps terms you should know

If you’re just starting to gather up some knowledge about the popular game of Craps, you might have a hard time understanding some of the lingo. In this particular case we are talking specifically about the terms “wrong bettor” and “right bettor”.

Right off the bad we need to clarify a few things. First of all a right bettor is not someone that gets all the bets right; meaning that he will not be receiving heavenly tips on what to bet on. Also, it’s not someone that bets only on the right side of the table. That’s more a matter of superstition than anything else. Concomitantly a wrong bettor is not some fool making the worst bets of his life cause he cannot hold his liquor.

These terms are not used in their usual, literal sense, and thus, should not be taken as such. Sure, you can totally play Craps without ever having to use these terms. But, the reality is that some dealers and other players might be employing these words and you do not want to be caught by surprise and be put in a poker face kind of situation.

Let’s illustrate by going through the actual game. At the beginning there will be a Pass bet placed. After this betting round is done the shooter will roll the dice for a come-out roll. Of course rolling a 7 will confer the shooter with a sure win. The reverse is true, so if a 2, 3, or 11 falls down then the shooter will be losing his bet.

Any other number rolled will automatically be considered the point. The shooter will then roll again. The point will assure that the shooter wins, so he will hope to roll the point. If the 7 sneaks up before the shooter gets his point to surface, then the shooter will register a loss.

This is where the right bettor and wrong bettor comes in. if you’re a player and you bet that the shooter will win the you are called a right bettor. If you bet the shooter will lose then you are the wrong bettor. You bet will obviously depend on whether the right number is rolled out, in order to have a win.

The same rules and terms apply when playing online Craps, even though there is no real shooter and the computer will execute the roll for all players to see. The easiest way to remember this wrong-right bettor idea is to match it up. A Pass bet will make you a right bettor and a Don’t Pass bet will make you a wrong bettor. Again, this is not to say that wagering against the shooter is in any way bad. But, since most people would wager the shooter would win, it is possible that the Pass line bet was more often associated with a positive bet, a “right bet”, than when betting against the shooter.

Curiously enough, players that make a buy bet are also referred to as right bettor, and ones that make a lay bet will be the wrong bettors.


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