Craps numbers have nicknames

Craps numbers have nicknames

Craps is a game played with a pair of dice in which players get to bet on the outcome of the roll. Usually players have two betting options: betting against the bank or betting against each other. Having its origins in the English game Hazard, it is thought this well-loved casino game might have even had its beginnings during the Crusades.

The game that later developed as the modern American version was brought to New Orleans by Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. Yes, a very long name to remember so let’s just call him Bernie. Bernie was descended from colonial Louisiana’s wealthy landlords and introduced the game with an inherent flaw: players could use rigged dice to win certain bets since the “don’t pass” rule was not in effect.

Fast forward a few centuries and Craps can still be played on the street as much as in a casino environment or online, since all you really need for the game are a pair of dice and a few players. Over the years the Craps numbers started getting nicknames, in order for the game to play out much faster.

Thus, the following list will explain the nicknames so that any player that wants to take a stab at a Craps game will not be left wide-mouthed and staring blankly at the dialect the “dealer” seems to be speaking in.

All numbers from 2 to twelve have a specific name attributed to them. Starting with number 2, the known nicknames are Craps, Two Aces, and Snake Eyes, the latter possibly making the most sense, and having been used in other games of dice as well.

Number 3 and 7 seem to have the most nicknames attributed to them, and depending on the casino and the game you will probably hear any or all of them during a game. Also called Ace-Deuce, Ace Caught a Deuce, Winner on the Dark Side, Three Craps Three, Small Ace Deuce Can’t Produce, The Other Side of the Eleven’s Tummy, 3 is also a Craps.

4 and 11 have the least amount of nicknames, with 4 being Little Joe or Little Joe from Kokomo, and 11 Yo Eleven, Six five and No Jive. Number 5 is also known as After Five the Field’s Alive, Thirty-two Juice Roll, and Little Phoebe. Why Little Phoebe is beyond us, but hey, it sounds fun.

Here comes 7 with a long tail of nicknames: Seven Out, Line Away, Six Ace, Front Line Winner, Back Line Skinner, Six One You’re All Done, Seven’s a Bruiser the Front Line’s a Loser, Up Pops the Devil, Benny Blue You’re All Through, and the list stops here.

8 is called A Square Pair, Like Mom and Dad (yeah this one’s a doozy for us too), Ozzie and Harriet, The Windows, Eight-er from Decatur. Number 9 is Centre Field, Nina from Pasadena, What shot Jesse James? (finally, one that makes sense), and A Forty-five.

It’s Puppy Paws, Pair-a-roses, Pair of Sunflowers, and The Big One on the End for number 10. And finally, number 12 known as Boxcars, Atomic Craps, All the Spots we Got, Outstanding in Your Field, Triple Dipple in the Lucky Ducky, Double Saw on Boxcars, and it is also called Craps.

We have no idea why these names were invented just so but we’re willing to bet they have quite the interesting story behind them. Perhaps we shall write an article about the provenance of these nicknames in a future article. Till then, watch out for those Snake eyes.


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