City of Richmond records growth in casino revenue

City of Richmond records growth in casino revenue

The casino industry is gaining in popularity faster than any gambler could imagine. According to financial reports, the City of Richmond showed significant growth in casino revenue in the first quarter of 2015, unlike last year when figures were lower.

The city has recorder $5.25 million in 2015, compared to $4.48 million that were produced in 2014, over the same period of time. This growth is made possible due to high usage of slot machines and a drop in casino costs, leading to an $18 million gash in the city’s budget.

Plans for a new spending strategy for 2016 were approved by the council. However, Councilor Chak Au wishes to allow a bigger amount of money for social programs.

This might imply more job opportunities for local people and more visitors looking to experience a crescent local gambling life in the City of Richmond. The City of Richmond has recently partnered with other cities and casinos for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. This has already placed the city into a supportive and gambling-friendly area.


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