Casino in Canada awarded for eco efforts

Casino in Canada awarded for eco efforts

If you have lived through the 21st century and are unaware of what a carbon footprint is, then perhaps it is high time to find out. The carbon footprint is basically all about how much waster we as humans produce while dispersing more and more carbon into the atmosphere and our earth. Individuals all over the world are constantly struggling to lower their impact on the planet and thankfully big companies have started to act in the same direction.

Casinos are not in the least excused from this responsibility to reduce their energy use, carbon release, and waste. In fact, one casino in Canada has been commended for doing a stellar job at it. A casino located in Niagara Falls, just at the border with the United Stated, more specifically Buffalo, was recently awarded 4 Green Keys from Green Key Global exactly for their environmental initiatives.

Looking closely at categories such as energy, water, waste, training, policies, air quality, and more, Green Key Global can certify, or not certify, a certain company for its environmentally mindful accomplishments. The process goes through a detailed performance analysis and awards up to five green keys, Five being the best of them.

Greg Medulun, casino expert and Communications Director, stated “We consider this rating a significant achievement for our business.” He added “Obtaining 4 Green Keys is just a small piece of our overall commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of our organization.”

Some of the actions taken by the casino were to replace incandescent bulbs, fit gaming areas with LED lighting, recycling bulbs with the Bulb Eater 3, using an industrial organics shredder, installation of VSDs, recycling sealed cell batteries, and more.


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