Casino High-Rollers bet big

Casino High-Rollers bet big

Starting out in the gambling industry, first as a player and then as a writer, I found myself often wondering about what sets High-Roller apart from us regular patrons? Investigating had led to a few distinctions out of which the most apparent one is money.

There are what we call small-time bettor and big-time bettors, and everything in between can be chucked into the “hobby gambler” pile. While the latter tends to focus on the entertainment value of placing casino bets, the big-time gamblers venture into gaining money and making a real career out of it. But, this is not exclusively so.

A lot of High-Rollers find themselves bankrupt in no time because they do not follow a few simple steps to becoming gambling pros. Learning the game’s strategy, knowing the basic rules and practice-playing with low stakes all add to the pro player’s successful gambling career. On the other side, many High-Rollers are famous for wasting it all in a few nights worth of gambling.

A High-Roller is defined as one who wagers huge amount of money on one bet. In a regular casino these players are the main attraction for other casino visitors because they tend to create very dramatic scenes. Conversely, there are those players that warrant a special VIP room and exceptional treatment from the casino.

While in the online gambling environment anyone can be a VIP player as long as they deposit the required amount of money, in live casino scenes the selection is much restricted by the casino owners. Whether playing online or in a real casino the perks of being a High-Roller are quite similar. From extra loyalty points, to special bonuses, to free drinks- in the case of live casino goers, the sky seems to be the limit when it comes to the indulgences permitted a High-Roller on the casino’s dime.

Tournaments, whether live or online, are also known to surround these big-time players with lots of notoriety. I once participated in a mid-stakes tournament and I can tell you that all eyes were on the players that ventured to beat the bank by wagering higher. Sure enough, the tournaments had betting limits but some of them actually allow players to raise the stakes if they so wish.

Online is another matter altogether. Players communicate through chat or live, and yet, the ones that go full-blast with their money are still the ones everyone is talking about. The best part about being a High-Roller is the eventuality of a win. You can imagine the size of the pot won by such a player. It signifies quite a big gash in the casino’s budget, but sadly the reverse is also true.

If the player is not highly skilled and is playing just because he has found nothing better to do with all that money, they might be surprised to lose all of it in one game. Or, they might actually not care, since there’s probably more where that came from.

Nonetheless, if you’re a mid-stakes player thinking to go in big, first assess your bankroll, the rules of the game, your skill-level, and then perhaps you’ll ponder further whether or not you want to take this huge step towards a lavish gambling career.


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