Brad Garrett dominates WSOP 2015

Brad Garrett dominates WSOP 2015

Never start playing with the cast of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, especially Brad Garrett, the actor who played the main character’s grumpy older brother. He is currently squashing all opposition and has lasted up to Day 3 at the WSOP event. He outdid Phil Ivey himself, Ivey having been eliminated on Day 2, just hours before Ray Romano who also did pretty well for himself.

The WSOP event is held at the Rio in Las Vegas and is one of the biggest poker events of the year attracting thousands of players and spectators alike. According to a WSOP rep, Garrett is still in the game and currently in 1,163rd place. Both Romano and Garrett have already beat out other celebrities who attended the event like James Woods, Aaron Paul, and Jennifer Tilly.

If Garret manages to win the entire event he is looking at an enormous pot worth somewhere in the $8 million range. Stay tuned if you want to find out more.


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