Blackjack secrets

Blackjack secrets

The myth that casino games cannot be beat is starting to be debunked with every passing day. Casino pros and aficionados are revealing some well-kept secrets of the industry in an attempt to level the odds.

If you’re thinking of starting a gambling career or even if you are already a seasoned player, the following secret tips will surely add to your knowledge level and help you turn more losses into win when engaging in a casino game, whether online or in a land-based establishment.

This trend of uncovering tips and techniques from within the gambling world peaked when the MIT Blackjack team managed to score millions with their meticulously tight card counting strategy. Kaplan had invested $89,000 that seemed to turn to gold, but not after hard work and rigorous progress tracking.

Following the lessons of Kaplan we’ve managed to set forth a few important secrets that could potentially increase the odds in the player’s favor and raise the winnings bar.

The first of the “Kaplan rules” is that you should always hit a soft 17. Also, if allowed to, always split Aces and pairs of 8. If your hand shows a total of 11 make sure you double down and a hard 17 automatically comes with a Stand.

Conversely, the rule to remember is to never split pairs of 5s or 10s. If the dealer has a 7 or higher and your hand contains a total anywhere from 12 to 16, Hit it hard.

Another important tip that has actually been emphasized over and over again in various casino related articles is that you should never drink while you’re playing a game of chance. With Blackjack it is particularly important never to indulge in alcohol consumption simply for the fact that this substance will distort a player’s thinking and lead him into making plenty of mistakes down the road to losing their bankroll completely.

An excellent word of caution is that payers should never become too confident about their game if they are on an apparent winning streak. This can lead you to over-bet and make foolish plays that caution would not allow you to undertake. To avoid this it is a good idea to take regular breaks. Getting a snack or just going for a short walk will clear your head and your body will also thank you.

When it comes to tables and dealers the “hot” and “cold” myth can cause great damages to a gambler’s gameplay or decision-making processes. Get it through your heads, there is no such thing as a “hot” or “cold” table/dealer.

Although some say that a well tipped dealer does a better job you should not feel pressed to tip if you don’t want to. Thanks to the web of cameras casinos employ in order to make sure there are no cheaters, dealers in turn have no say in how your gameplay is affected.

Trying to steer clear of the 6 or 8-deck games is always a good strategy to keep in mind. 5-deck games are simply easier to manage and are more advantageous to the player.

If you’re not trying to count cards then deck shuffling will not really affect you at all. Automatic shufflers perform at computer levels and will have a perfect shuffle every time. Contrariwise, a hand shuffled deck can never be perfect and thus the odds could potentially be calculated. Still, you would need a computer next to you on the table and that’s not so likely to happen anytime soon.

There you have it, a few very important things to remember when gambling. Now get out there and beat the odds and your opponents.


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