Big plans for Greece: inspectors and online gambling

Big plans for Greece: inspectors and online gambling

Two major reform proposals were brought to the table by Greece’s Finance Minister at a Eurogroup meeting this Monday. Yanis Varoufakis proposed that the government hire undercover inspectors in order to investigate what businesses are committing tax evasion. The second major reform is concerning the gambling industry. The Finance Minister proposed the sale of online casino operator licenses.

This letter, directed at Jeroen Dijsselbloem, head of the Eurogroup, was leaked to the New York Times and reportedly contains detailed info about how the Greek government would hire “students, housekeepers and tourists” and send them into areas with well-known high volumes of tax evasion.

The best suggestion made yet by Varoufakis is the proposition of selling online casino licenses to offshore companies, imposing a $3 million price for a 5 year license and capitalizing on the tax revenue which supposedly would hit around $500 million per year.

With the grave situation that Greece finds itself, not being able to keep up with the bills and also not being able to sustain its own economy and running costs, the later might just be exactly what the country needs in order to stay afloat.


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