Best gambling book of 2015

Best gambling book of 2015

For players that crave more variety in gameplay a new book seems to be the gambler’s bible when it comes to mixed games. This book is for those players that are tired of playing Texas Hold’Em and are looking for a fresh game to sink their teeth in.

Written by infamous Poker writer Ken Lo and published by Eighth Street Press in June of 2014, A Poker Player’s Guide to Mixed Games gives a well-rounded account on what payer can do to improve their strategies and tactics when playing a variety of Poker variants.

Geared towards the new and popular mixed games rotations, the book takes the reader/gambler through a series of core strategies for each game. Well known variants such as Limit Hold’Em, Razz, Pot Limit Omaha, as well as newly introduced games such as Badugi, Razzdugi, and Crazy Pineapple Hi/Lo are making their mark on today’s mixed games and Ken Lo knows it.

For the newbies, Badugi is a game in which the point is the make the lowest possible hand. To get the desired hand you must have 4 card of different suits and different values, and as such, the best possible hand will hold 4-3-2 and Ace, all of different suites.

Razzdugi is similar to Badugi in that one of the purposes is to acquire the lowest hand of four cards of the lowest rank and different suite. Also called the “badugi” hand. The other scope is to make the lowest five card hand, the “razz” hand.

Crazy Pineapple Hi/Lo is named so because the players should try to reach the highest five-card hand or the lowest five-card hand with different rank. If you haven’t had much experience with casino games or have just dabbled in such a passed-time, you will definitely have a lot to learn from this book. Conversely, if you are a seasoned player you might find some information redundant but thoroughly comprehensive and fitting for a pro player’s strategy to become wholesome.

Subtitled “Core strategies for HORSE, Eight Game, Ten game and Twelve Game Mixes”, this book is hell bent on teaching players the proper tactics for becoming successful gamblers. It is worth mentioning that the mixed games style of playing was once exclusive for high rolling members and few and far between could penetrate the wall that high society had built.

This fact has been taken down by the growing popularity of casino games and especially by tournaments online and live.

Critics have called this book a sure “game changer”, “the new mixed games bible – for the modern era”, and “an essential reference for the No Limit Hold’Em poker player wishing to take advantage of the next poker room.”

Overall, it is a seriously big book for serious big players and the advice that comes along with it is that you read it front to back and back again if you really want all those great principles to stick.


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