Best casino games you can try out

Best casino games you can try out

Whether you’re just now starting to play some casino games or you’ve been playing for a while, you should definitely have a better idea of what to choose out of the sea of gambling options you can find out there. Online on land-based, casino games are plenty and the best part, actually, is that you can try them all out for free.

Of course, the free games don’t really bring any money wins but they make for good practice and will set you on the right path. We’ve compiled a list of games with short descriptions. On this list you will find the most well-known but also the most popular and rewarding games in the world today. Knowing how to play these games is also important to get that edge over the competition, so make sure you document yourself on the details.


By far the most popular table game, even ahead of poker. Why? Because it is rather easy to play, depends on luck but also requires some level of skill. A lot of players boast to be able to count cards. The difficulty with this is that today land-based casinos use 4 card decks and up, unlike past years when one deck of cards was the norm. So, imagine trying to remember 54 times how many decks there are in the game! Brain squeeze. Better to stick to the basic rules and you’ll gain the skills to do it right in no time. Oh, and did we mention Blackjack has some awesome house edges? That will definitely get you going.


Another popular came, since… well, since forever, Roulette is played by gamers big and small all across the world. The advantage with Roulette is that you have a lot of betting options. Not to mention that it’s fun. For this reason Roulette is one of the first games that online casinos made into a Live-dealer game. People just love it and so will you.

Slots games

Since their invention in the 1800 slots have gradually become more popular, more hip, and yes, progressive. Playing one regular machine, whether online or in an actual casino, can yield lots of small rewards and if you’re perseverant you can even hit that jackpot. Conversely, casino games manufacturers have thought about an innovative way to play the game, namely, they’ve made the slots progressive. This means that a percentage of each dollar you put into the machine will go towards the jackpot. These machines are linked over a network and the lucky winner can be from anywhere on the planet.

Video Poker

Finally, a variation of 5 Card Draw Poker, Video Poker is played online exclusively and the major difference between it and the famous Poker table game is that you are playing against the dealer and not against other players. Of course they have invented the Multi-player version and a Live-dealer option is also available.

We’ve picked four of the best odds games and we hope you try them all out and find the one that works for you. Remember to always watch your bankroll, learn from the pros and always have fun while playing.


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