Best casino betting systems

Best casino betting systems

Getting a good grip on game strategy when dealing with casino gambling can represent the difference between a win and a loss. Players, new and experienced, employ the help of betting strategies in order to figure out when to change the stake size and also because it allows them to play smarter, whether they are winning or losing.

Betting systems are useful in the long run because when you plan ahead, as with everything else in life, you can predict the outcome of the game easier while taking advantage of the in-game confidence that this strategy provides. More often than not, even if the game is lost, using a proper strategy can help to cut your losses in such a way that your whole bankroll would not be affected too much.

Similarly, betting tactics can help players minimize their losses caused by the house edge. Planning your play ahead of time together with proper bankroll management and self-control can really give you an edge over the competition and even over the house advantage.

Different types of wagering stratagems are used for different types of games. In some cases the same strategies may apply to more than one game, if they are similar enough. Still, as a player and possibly a future pro, you should always keep in mind that strategies are a bonus to use in tandem with other acquired gambling skills.

We’ve chosen the best two out of the lot and are going to explain below how they work. Although there are some disadvantages to every plan we are looking to focus on the positive effects of the systems.

The first strategy is called the Flat Betting System. This type of system is mainly used for Blackjack and Roulette, although some rules can be applied to other similar games as well. The FBS does not depend on a mathematical progression system in order to work. Actually, the name says it all: you’re going to bet flat, meaning the same amount each time.

The most important thing to do when using the FBS is to determine the right amount for the initial bet before you even venture to gamble. For an inexperienced gambler it is wiser to start off with 1% and maximum of 2% of your bankroll to represent your betting limit. This way you get to hang on to your money for as long as possible while learning the ropes.

Once you gain more experience you can start betting up to 5% of the bankroll money. The thing with the FBS is that most times it proves advantageous for players new to the games of Roulette or Blackjack because it simply does not allow huge bets to be made. In the case your self-imposed limit is $100 and unless you play 20 games at $5 each and lose every single play, you will not be in danger of wasting that much money in the long run.

Actually, with this method of betting more often than not you will be walking out of the casino with some money still in your pocket.

The other system preferred by us is called the Fibonacci Betting System, in short FiBS. We chose this particular type of strategy system because it is a general one and can be used with almost all gambling games.

A negative progression system, the FiBS is obviously based on the famous Fibonacci number progression. This system has you placing each new bet as a sum of the previous two. Although mostly used for Blackjack, Craps and Roulette, it can also be used for 1-1 games where the odds are 50/50. You pretty much have to increase your bet when losing and decrease the size when winning.


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