Basic Poker betting strategies

Basic Poker betting strategies

Poker has come a long way in the last 10 years. What used to be a hobby for people and a career for a very few has quickly turned into a worldwide sensation which just keeps growing and attracting more and more new players into its clutches. Of course not all of them will actually end up having a career in professional poker but the point is that poker has really become a phenomenon, mostly thanks to online poker. If you’re a beginner here are some betting tips which might come in handy.

Poker is always played at table stakes, meaning you can only bet the amount of money you have in front of you at the start of the hand. It’s pretty common for a player to run out of money during a hand. Having more money than a player does not mean you can bet him out of the pot.

All-in Bets

When you place all your chips into the pot you are what is called “all-in”. It is important to note that a player can’t be bet out of a pot because he can always call for all of his chips. For example if a player goes all-in with $50 and another player wants to bet but only has $30 left, he can put his $30 in the pot and the first player will get back the unmatched $20 bet. The whole point is so that players can take back any extra money when another player is all-in for less than they put up.

Side Pots

Things can get pretty complicated in a poker game when more than two players are involved in a hand. This is the moment when you have to create a side pot for all the other players, and any further bets cannot be won by the players who are already all-in. The players who are all-in are only eligible for the main pot.

Imagine you have three players in a hand. Two of them have $50 while the third one only has $10 left. One of the two makes a bet of $20. The player who only has $10 left can go all in and this will create a side-pot for him. Even if he wins the hand he will not have access to the rest of the money which the other two players are free to gamble in the later stages of this hand. The other two players can continue betting and whichever of them has the better hand at the end will get their part of the side pot.

So there you have some helpful tips on how to improve your game of poker and learn a thing or two about betting. Of course if you’re interested there is plenty more out there for you to read and learn from. Good luck at the tables!


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